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To arrange a booking, please contact us via email or phone with contact details including phone number and the underlying condition you require treatment for,
so we can both get in touch with you quickly and discuss your inquiry. We will then contact you to to discuss your inquiry and information and confirm a suitable appointment time. Please note that weekend sessions are available by special request with Garry.

Initial appointment
Please supply via email any relevant information (duplicates for file) regarding the history of your condition and previous treatments and their effect, e.g. x-ray/ MRI scans, medical results, Radiologist reports / findings, history of physiotherapy or other treatments. This will allow us to create a full personal profile of your condition for ongoing therapy.

Initial Consultation, including examination and treatment (2-3hours) – £45.00 initial hour – £40/hour for every additional hour. Treatment sessions are made up to 3/4 hours duration at each booking, depending upon  the supplied information MRI / X Ray and discussions with the Therapist which will allow for the required time unless a longer booking time is required, this being discussed with Garry.

Please note: As of 1st of June, the flat rate at the clinic will be £50.00 per hour.

The treatment will involve the practical use of Active Isolated Stretching (A.I.S.) and Active Isolated Strengthening as a method of fascial release and strengthening, developed by Aaron L. Mattes, RKT, LTM. By identifying specific muscles to be stretched and isolating those muscles using the precise localized movements of Active Isolated Stretching and Strengthening.  This enables the patient to be an active part of the treatment undertaken and to learn the treatment protocols at the same time and therefore enabling them perform them at home themselves. Active Balance is a patient governed and patient led practice. We believe very strongly that the fundamental principle of the clinic and its purpose is to Educate, Inform and Empower the patients, enabling them to be more educated in their particular issues and to help inform them, empower them on how to look after themselves in a more proactive and informed manner. To assist this undertaking Anatomy and Physiology is also covered in the initial Consultation, therefore enabling the patient to be more aware of the process which is causing the problem and to help them understand how to look after themselves in a more informed manner..

Dress Code for Treatment
Cloths worn should be of loose fitting, leggings / tracksuits and Tee Shirts are preferred. they must allow for Patients to be stretched and moved in an unrestricted manner.

Active Isolated Stretching can:

• Release the Three Dimensional Connective Tissue Matrix (Fascia)
• Improve oxygenation and nutrition of Myofascial structures promoting growth and repair
• Stimulate the circulation and drainage of lymph, helping eliminate metabolic wastes
• Improves flexibility and health of muscles, tendons and ligaments
• Breaks down the friction and ‘gluing’ among fascial sheathes
• Separates fibrosis and breaks down adhesion that may result from trauma or inflammation
• Realigns collagen fibers
• Reduces muscle spasm and the risk of muscle strain and tear

First Board Certified A.I.S. therapist and the first and only board certified led clinic in the UK, Garry Nimmo has been trained Solely by Aaron L. Mattes, the creator of Active Isolated Stretching.

Aaron Mattes has developed this method of proper athletic stretching over the past 45 years, working with thousands of patients, doctors, and health professionals. Aaron Mattes has been improving people’s lives, their health, and their ability to become more flexible worldwide.

Visit his website www.stretchingUSA.com to learn more.

I am also the principle for the Academy of Aaron Mattes Therapies, which was set up with the permission of Aaron Mattes. Aaron Mattes was also fully instrumental with myself in setting up the format of the syllabus for the Academy. Please see link below: