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Aged 20 I snapped my cruciate ligament playing football, I was playing to a good standard. Unfortunately due to misdiagnosis and NHS waiting lists I didn’t receive the corrective surgery until nearly 2 years later. Post 1 year’s rehab I eventually returned to football, although it was short lived as I tore meniscus in the same knee 4 months later, two years and two operations later I was ready to go again. This time I knew I had to do a lot of work if I was to play football again, I spent a lot of time on fitness and strengthening and eventually (after over 6 years from initial injury) I was able to return to playing football again, although not to the same standard I was just happy to be playing again.

I played two seasons, getting in and out of the team, suffering from a few minor injuries on the way keeping up my fitness and strength training throughout. Although I was happy to be playing again I was beginning to get frustrated with my performances, my legs were tired despite all my training, I was getting muscle injuries, despite all the time I’d spend static and dynamic stretching before games and I wasn’t playing particularly well.

This was around the time I came across Active Body Balance and Garry Nimmo, it was by chance I picked up a leaflet advertising his clinic, sounded like something worth trying. I called Garry, gave him all my medical history and arranged my first appointment. After a discussion explaining the technique Garry went straight to work, analysing my posture, flexibility, muscle strength (or lack of!) everything, he could see where I had excess tension and where flexibility was suffering, where I had poor muscle length and what was required. We then commenced AIS treatment of my legs, after around 30minutes I was instructed to stand up and see how I feel – it was unbelievable the feeling in my legs, I felt I had a new pair of legs, I felt so light and free I was genuinely astonished. Garry continued the treatment working my whole lower body, the technique is like no other I had tried before, it is almost completely painless (as appose to  sports massage), the stretch is held for only 2 seconds and repeated 6-10 times. Each muscle is isolated with a specific stretch, many of the muscles in my legs I never even knew existed and each stretched in different directions – not just straight leg as I was used to.

Within 2 ½ hours I was good to go, I basically bounced out of his clinic and down Union Street, it was quite a feeling!

Since the initial appointment I return every few months for a full stretch out and to learn a bit more, the beauty of it is that Garry wants to teach you to do it yourself, he isn’t like many other therapists who are happy to have repeat customers, he wants you to learn and to achieve your goals, this has definitely happened for me. I have just completed my first football season since incorporating AIS into my training (I stretch now for around 20-30mins nearly every day – at first this was a thought, but when you feel the benefits I have, you will want to do more!) I started every single game I was available for this season, suffered from zero injuries, and I finished to goal scorer. On top of this I feel I’m the fittest I’ve ever been (aged 29) and my sprinting has improved remarkably. I have since referred almost everyone I know to Garry (injured or not, young and old); he has been without a doubt the best thing that has ever happened to my new pair of legs!

After falling from the top of an 8 foot wave and landing at on the side of my neck at la Graviere whilst living in Hossegor and being helicoptered off to Bayonne hospital back in July last year, a nasty car smash in November and 3 stints in hospital, I was a complete emotional physical and emotional  wreck when I arrived at Garry’s office.

I initially contacted him from my hospital bed at ARI (2nd of 2013)after neurosurgeons and specialist advised that I had bruised my spinal cord and damaged the c7 nerve in my neck.  They suggested that I continued with physio which was the reason I had ended back in hospital after she gave me an intensive deep tissue neck massage which gave me pins and needles, electrical impulses in my arms, legs and bottom and caused me severe discomfort and a 5 night stint in the neuro ward. I went to Garry a couple of days after getting out of hospital as he fitted me in at extremely late notice.  I was so nervous, walking like an old lady and very stooped.  My whole body was a wreck.

Garry did not treat me in the first session, but for 2 hours he gathered all the information, my MRI result, X-ray results from France and ARI plus listened to my story. The next session I arrived and for 4 hours Garry worked with me explaining the AIS techniques and re-aligning my pelvis.  He had identified that my whole body had splinted after the accident and that I had developed Upper Cross Syndrome which when I advised a spinal physio of my condition she had no idea what this even was! I knew more about my injury than she did and it was Garry that taught me everything I needed to know.  He made me understand how my body was working and what my injury was.  It was so insightful and I learnt so much in the space of a few hours.  I was so nervous the first session and Garry said he could feel my connective tissue preventing him slightly.  I guess because I was so scared of being hurt even more. After session 2 I was involved in a bad road traffic accident.  I was back in hospital for the third time in 2013 and this time it was for 8 nights.  I went to live with my mum in Perth for 3 months after the accident but still made my appointments with Garry in December.  They were keeping me going.  I felt Garry was the only one I could trust and I knew how much he had already helped me just from 2 sessions.

After a couple more sessions, my body began to react extremely well to the treatment and I became less nervous and my body was doing what Garry was asking it to do.  He had spent ages working from my toes up. Always saying that we would treat the neck last.  He appreciated the injury had affected everything and it had but that my neck was rejecting anyone going near it so Garry worked on releasing the connective tissue around my lumber first, then thoracic, then cervical. None of the physios operated like this. They treated my neck as the sole problem but I had lost muscle mass on my whole body. Garry took pictures and it was so visible how he helped me from treatment to treatment. 6 months down the line after being treated by Garry, I can honestly say he was an integral part of me getting my life back.  Of course, I have worked relentlessly rehabbing and training too.  Every day without fail even on a trip to New York I complete my whole AIS stretching programme.  I have built strength each day through training and learning from everything Garry taught me.

I honestly cannot thank him enough as if I had not been lucky enough to be passed his contact details I have no idea where I would be today.  He is amazing! Last year has taught me so much and continues to do so. Never take a day in your life for granted. I feel so blessed that I am still here and I know someone greater than me has been watching over me. I am now back in the water and teaching surf lessons again.  As Garry always said to me “you eat the apple bite by bite” and that is exactly how my rehab continues slowly but surely.  I will continue to have treatments with Garry every few months. It is so important to me to keep healthy and keep getting fitter and progressing more to prevent injury.

Thank you for everything Garry.

First of all, I would like to thank you for taking the time to treat me, it was unexpected  but very much appreciated. As you know I have suffered from a constant pain in my  the right side of my back, my right hip, and down my right leg  for the last 4 years. I am 33 years of age and have suffered from hip and leg pain for 4 years, Through this time I have tried many different treatments in an attempt to improve mobility and ease the constant pain.

In 2012 I was fortunate to meet Garry and had the opportunity to be assessed by him. From this assessment, we moved into two seven hour treatments which took place over a weekend. Garry treated me using Active Isolated Stretching. The results were instant. After the first days treatment, I had power and flexibility back in my leg  for the first time in four years. The second days treatment  further improved the flexibility and power in my leg. Above all, I had no pain or stiffness in my leg for the first time in 4 years.

Upon completing his treatment Garry provided me with a number of stretches which needed to be completed on a daily basis in order to maintain the massive improvement I received over that weekend period. While I have not managed to maintain this daily routine due to illness, I still have received massive benefit from the time Garry spent treating me, and will be forever indebted to him for this. I have been all over Ireland looking for a remedy to this injury, and while some have given relief, I believe  your treatment has seen the biggest and quickest improvement .

After your treatment , I now believe that I will be able to both run and play football again. To be clear, I never competed at a high level in either of these sports, but have missed out on being able to do them for a long time.  I have both power and flexibility back in my legs. I can turn sharply of either foot without any pain and am able to cover more ground quicker and easier when walking. I am still trying to find my limits, but I know things have improved massively, and am confident that once I lose the weight gained during this injury, I will be back faster and stronger than before.

I would highly recommend Garry to anyone suffering any similar injury.

The results speak for themselves!

After being electrocuted in an incident at work, I developed a condition called Costochondritis (Intercostal Inflammation) which heavily impacted my ability to carry out simple tasks, let alone manage a deep breath due to the continual pain and pressure that had built up in my chest and ribcage. Not only did this condition limit my quality of life, leave me completely exhausted for weeks, it also caused much discomfort and misery due to my own lethargy and despondent state of mind on a daily basis….until a friend recommended Garry!

Garry had not treated anyone with this condition before and took each stage of my treatment very slowly working at my pace. When I arrived for my first treatment I was completely exhausted and my peak flow for my asthma was extremely low (200 max was all I could get on a good day). After the AIS treatment I felt free!! I could take a deep breath without being in agony for the first time in weeks (peak flow 370!), I could actually see my ribcage reducing in size caused by the intercostal inflammation and the feelings of elation were extraordinary as the pressure lifted from my chest.

In total I had two sessions with Garry and aside from being a miracle worker, when no other medical expert could offer any help apart from a limited type of medication, his wonderful inspirational manner and genuine interest in wanting to help me completely turned my life around.  I cannot recommend Garry highly enough and I am deeply indebted to him for all he has done to help me return to a normal life, in fact a better one!

I suffered severe muscle pain and restricted movement in my right-hand side. Over an 18-month period I had multiple X-rays, MRI scans and a Nerve Conduction Velocity (NCV) test, with no diagnosis or treatment plan. I consulted physiotherapists with no improvement and also tried remedial massage, again without success. After one session lasting four hours at Active Balance, my symptoms reduced and my mobility increased considerably. I really liked the approach taken by Active Balance, explaining the assessment after considering the body as a whole.

A grateful patient

I was diagnosed with stress incontinence after delivery of my first child. Three years later I have had SVT operation done, but my state did not improve at all. Therefore I was living with my stress incontinence on a daily basis, and it became part of my life, limiting activities like running or any very active sport. By luck I met Garry, and I asked him for help regarding back pain from whip-lash suffered in a car accident. On my first appointment, however, when he took my past medical history, I revealed my stress incontinence. He suggested to try to treat it. I was a little surprised, as I did not see light at the end of tunnel for this problem, but thought “Why not?”.

After a few treatments I felt the difference when running, in fact I was running with little sign of incontinence. I will always be grateful to Garry for helping me having my active life back.

For about a year or so I was experiencing joint pain in my right hip but put it down to menopause as articles suggest that this is quite common.  Then my condition got worse I found it hard to put any weight on my leg when I got up from a seat, the leg seemed to go into a cramp though the pain was worse than cramp, sometimes it took 2 to 3 minutes before I could put weight on my leg and then move on, this is quite a long time if you are in a public place.  Eventually I went to my doctor who referred me to physio, they gave me some exercises which did help with my stiffness but I still could not walk for long and when I did I was in considerable pain, I persevered with the treatment worrying that I may have to accept that this was how I was to be, unable to walk, golf or dance, all the activities that I enjoyed, even aqua aerobics which given that it is weight bearing was difficult.

A colleague told me about Garry and the improvement he had got from his treatment so I thought I had nothing to lose and everything to gain. I called and got an appointment for the next week and I am so grateful to that colleague.  Garry listened to me as I tried to explain what my pain, which is not always easy to articulate, after an hour of considering what might be the problem through questions and discussion he began to try some stretches on my leg, the difference in
flexibility between my good side and bad was significant but within an hour there was noticeable improvement.  I walked home from the clinic at a much more reasonable speed than I had been able to do for about 6 months.  I arrived home exhausted but pleased with my achievement, the other probably more significant fact is that I had been taking the maximum permitted dose of painkillers for a couple of months but have not had one tablet since my first consultation with Garry.  I have had 3 treatments to date and religiously do my exercises and stretches daily.

I will still go to Garry for assisted stretches as he can stretch my muscles deeper than I can on my own but I am absolutely convinced that I will be able to do all the activities that I used to enjoy.  Had I not had that chance conversation with my colleague I know I would still be swallowing copious amounts of painkillers and struggling to walk.  I can’t recommend Garry’s treatment enough.

Over the years, I have attended several different clinics trying to increase my flexibility and treat a recurring lower back and hip problem sustained while playing golf and other sports. I have always been active and have played golf at a high level since childhood. Unfortunately, in later years I had been plagued with constant lower back and hip pain to the point that I had considered not playing golf any longer at any level.

I had visited Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Physiotherapists, Rolfers, remedial massage and reflexologists over the years and although they gave relief, they never really gave me the long-term results I was looking for.

By a chance conversation I found out about Active Isolated Stretching, during a remedial massage visit where Garry was recommended to me. I duly contacted him and set up an initial consultation. After a good discussion and a thorough examination, we decided it would be beneficial to start treatment, however, it was decided to have the initial treatment and then revisit Garry after the golf season was finished. This turned out to be great advice!

The initial treatment Garry worked on my pelvic area and knees, along with the treatment he showed me some stretches to help initially until my return at the end of the golf season. Once I had got to grips with my new-found flexibility I went on to win the Scottish Seniors Championship and was capped as a Senior Scottish International on two occasions.

I have now worked with Garry for 2 years now and the results speak for themselves.  Today, I train in the gym 5 days a week, go hill walking, play golf (without any pain) and at 58 I am more active now than I have been in the last 25years.

To say that Active Isolated Stretching has changed a large part of my life would be an understatement!

Barry Brooks

I first went to Garry Nimmo with shoulder problems in 2012. I only had one 3 hour session but was delighted at the progress he managed to achieve. In April 2018

I started having issues with my other shoulder+ it was basically frozen and my elbow joint was also badly affected. I was in a lot of pain, not sleeping well, needed help with dressing and was finding it increasingly difficult to change gear whilst driving. I decided to go back and see Garry. On my first consultation there was another physio observing. This was very interesting for me as Garry gave a continual commentary as to what he was doing and I felt very involved. It was also enlightening to see how effective this fellow professional regarded Garry’s methodology, and was obviously guaging this against his traditional practise. I was there for 2 and a half hours and was so impressed by the increased mobility I was experiencing. He fully explained what he was doing and I could see he was passionate about this “isolated active stretching” basically because it works. It addresses the problem at its source, not just plastering over it with massage and painkillers. He did many different stretches with me and made me repeat them many times, the physio who observed remarked on the effectiveness of this repitition compared to conventional physio. Garry also made me feel very much part of the whole process, he supports movement where necessary but you never feel passive as if he is just ” doing this to you” we were very much in it together, him, building my confidence when moving, but at the same time educating me and allowing ownership, healing was also in my hands.

He showed me various exercises to do at home and provided pulley bands and stretching rope. He also made sure I did the exercises with him, checking if I was doing them properly. I felt very safe, very supported and 100% confident in this methodology he so passionately believed in. If you expect a lot of chat and incidental banter you can forget that – the focus at all times is on the stretching and educating you and your muscles to remember their role. The progress made during that first session of 2 and a half hours was dramatic. I, and the observing physio could not believe just how much progress I had made in my mobility. During the next 2 weeks I had to e mail my progress and ask for advice. I had my exercises to do and was determined to get better. The second session extended lots of the stretching procedures and introduced some light weights. Garry was also careful to include my other shoulder in the process as this had been the issue 6 years previously. It’s been 3 weeks since my last appointment and although my shoulder is not perfect yet it’s so much better and far less painful and I’m confident that continued exercising will further improve it. I haven’t made any more appointments but won’t hesitate if I feel a deterioration.

I cannot praise Garry highly enough, he is supremely professional and totally dedicated to his work and the relief of suffering in people. He immediately inspires hope and this belief brings such relief. He is honest about what can be achieved and very much makes you aware that this is a partnership. As a patient , I’m totally in awe of what he can achieve and get really annoyed when I hear of some of my friends who will fork out hundreds of pounds on oesteopths, massages , drugs etc  and although these methodologies have their place and can be reasonably effective, I just wish they would see Mr Nimmo, even once, who will not exploit their pain -he will relieve it, re-educate and rehabilitate them, and they won’t look back.